Purifier & Air Compressor Overhauling

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A purifier is a type of separator which is used on a ship to remove contamination from liquids such as fuel and lube oils before they are supplied to the marine engine. A Compressor overhaul usually involves an inspection and replacement of worn parts such as pistons, piston liners, con rods and bearings, and any other part where friction is applied during the continued operation of the compressor. This course talks about the correct ways to overhaul the purifiers and its parts, replacement, and inventory of spare parts. A good course to take by all engineers where lots of engineering tips are shared and fault-finding techniques discussed.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Air Compressor

Chapter 2: 5 Common Problems with Air compressor

Chapter 3: Types of Cooler

Chapter 4: Introduction to Purifier

Chapter 5: What is a Purifier? Construction, Principle, Type, Safety

Chapter 6: Starting and Closing Procedures for Purifier

Chapter 7: Question & Answer Session


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