Main Engine Overhauling

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An engine overhaul is technically an engine rebuild or a re-manufacture. All the internal engine parts are replaced, renewed, or re-machined as needed. Internal engine parts become damaged due to external causes rather than simply wearing out due to age. An overhaul comprises of inspection of major parts like crankshaft, piston, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, etc., repairs if required, and routine maintenance and assembly. This is a focused workshop on what can go wrong while overhauling main engines and what are the special safety precautions to be taken. Each engine is different and hence should be looked at differently. In this course, senior engineers share their experiences on the dos and don’ts of main engine overhauling and maintenance. A valuable workshop for marine engineers of all ranks.


Chapter 1: Main Engine Overhauling Procedure
Chapter 2: Troubleshooting Approach
Chapter 3: Main Engine Liner Removal Procedure for Wartsila and Man Engine
Chapter 4: Reasons for Cylinder Liner Wear
Chapter 5: Ways to Check the Condition of the Cylinder Components
Chapter 6: Accident Case Study
Chapter 7: Main Engine Overhaul Case Study
Chapter 8: Question and Answer Session


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