Marine High Voltage

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The course is a continuation of the Marine Electrical and Automation workshop.  In marine field, above 1000 V (>1000V) is considered as High Voltage (HV) and below or equal to which is Low Voltage (LV). High Voltage system are normally used where there is a high electrical power demand such as electric propulsion, bow thrusters etc. Benefits of these systems is related to ohm’s law, for a given power, current gets reduced as voltage increases. Understanding of the High Voltage safety parameters is of utmost importance to engineers. While some Chief Engineers and Second Engineers are confident to work on high voltage systems, others are not. This workshop will lend many learnings on High Voltage handling for all engineers.


Chapter 1: Intro to High Voltage

Chapter 2: Hazards of High Voltage, Safety, PPE, and Risk control

Chapter 3: Lookout and Tagout, Key Safe System

Chapter 4: Insulation and Earthing Leads

Chapter 5: IR and PI Testing on High Voltage

Chapter 6: Insulated and Grounded Neutral Systems

Chapter 7: Circuit Breakers

Chapter 8: Power System Protections

Chapter 9: Question and Answer Session


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