Marine Valve

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Valves are used for almost all machinery systems on ships for controlling and regulating fluid through pipes. Although valves are known as efficiency decreasing device as they reduce the energy in the liquid flow, their use is imperative in applications where limited flow is required. Incorrect use of valves on board ships may lead to disaster. It can restrict or allow unauthorised flow of liquids, prevent or inspire pressure surges and have other ramifications. Knowledge of the types of valves and its mode of operation is highly beneficial to the users. This course goes through all major types of valves used on board ships and explains each type through animated videos.

Chapter 1: Intro to Marine Valve
Chapter 2: Gate Valve and Ball Valve
Chapter 3: Butterfly Valve and Check Valve
Chapter 4: Pressure Relief Valve
Chapter 5: Globe Valve
Chapter 6: Needle Valve, Pinch Valve, and Plug Valve
Chapter 7: Pressure Vacuum Valve and Storm Valve
Chapter 8: Faqs on Valves
Chapter 9: Question and Answer Session


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