Life Boat Safety

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Lifeboats are subjected to stringent maintenance requirements and for good reason: the life of your crew may depend on them. Lifeboats, though designed with a view to saving you from trouble at sea, are not infallible. Lifeboat safety ensures that lifesaving appliances meet all compliance requirements and won’t come up short during the hour of emergency. The launching and Recovery of Lifeboats also poses a huge risk to human life if not carried our correctly and as per laid down procedures. This course delves will help you reduce accidents and & incidents on board relating to lifeboat launching and recovery.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Freefall Lifeboats
Chapter 3: Release Mechanisms
Chapter 4: Launching The Boat by Davit
Chapter 5: Simulation Launching
Chapter 6: Case Study
Chapter 7: Side Launched Gravity Life Boats
Chapter 8: Release Mechanism
Chapter 9: Resetting and Recovery of Boat
Chapter 10: Use of Hanging Pendants and Recovery Strops
Chapter 11: Use of Fall Preventer Devices
Chapter 12: Example of Unsafe Practices
Chapter 13: Common Defects Found in Life Boats
Chapter 14: Rescue Boat
Chapter 15: Question & Answer Session


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