Marine Pump

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A ship consists of various types of fluids moving inside different machinery and systems for the purpose of cooling, heating, lubrication, and as fuels. These liquids are circulated by different types of pumps, which can be independently driven by the ship power supply or attached to the machinery itself. All the systems on board the ship require proper operational and compatible pump and pumping systems so that ship can run on its voyage smoothly. The knowledge of pumps is imperative for both deck and engine officers. Correct operation of pumps will increase cargo work efficiency, reduce wear and tear, and save expenses in untimely repairs. A great learning course where the operation system of different pumps is explained through animated videos

Chapter 1: Introduction to Marine Pumps
Chapter 2: Types of Marine Pumps
Chapter 3: Positive Displacement Rotary Pump
Chapter 4: Positive Displacement Reciprocating Pumps
Chapter 5: Positive Displacement Gear Pumps
Chapter 6: Positive Displacement Screw Pumps
Chapter 7: Dynamic Pumps Centrifugal Pumps
Chapter 8: Dynamic Axial Pumps
Chapter 9: Dynamic Diffuser Pumps
Chapter 10: Dynamic Vortex  Pumps
Chapter 11: Challenges in Pump Operation
Chapter 12: Faqs on Marine Pumps
Chapter 13: Question & Answer Session


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