Know your Gas Instruments

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Gas instruments detect, monitor, or analyze gases present in an environment. Detectors sense situations outside normal operating parameters and are set to alarm when these conditions are violated. Monitors are also set up to the alarm, Gas instruments and air instruments can sense sometimes just one gas or else can sense multiple types of gases with one instrument. Knowledge of the use of gas instruments and their calibration is mandatory for all users in order to avoid accidents. Hundreds of people have died on ships due to incorrect assessments of gases in an enclosed space prior to entry. This has happened majorly to the lack of knowledge of different varieties of gas instruments and their modes of operation. Taking this course can save your life on board.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Gas Instruments and Associated Concepts
Chapter 2: Oxygen Analyser
Chapter 3: Explosimeter  and Multi-Gas Analyser
Chapter 4: Limitations of Gas Instruments
Chapter 5: Operational Care of Gas Instruments
Chapter 6: Draeger Gas Detection Tubes
Chapter 7: Common Errors
Chapter 8: Question and Answer Session


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