Marine Electrical & Automation

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A large number of ships today are not manned with dedicated electrical engineers. Most of all engine room equipment on board including the main and auxiliary engines is dependent on the proper functioning of electrical circuits and boards.  Sometimes electrical malfunctioning can pose to be a complex problem for marine engineers to identify and resolve. Specially, with the absence of an onboard electrical offer. This course develops skills in learning to read electrical drawings, understanding power distribution systems on board, and identifying the causes of electrical malfunctioning. This knowledge goes a long way to prevent blackouts on ships. Conducted by an experienced Electrical Superintendent, engineers will find this a valuable course to understand electrical designs and fault-finding methodology.


Chapter 1 – Main Switchboard (MSB)

Chapter 2 – Air Circuit Breaker

Chapter 3  – Power Generation and Distribution

Chapter 4 – Types of Earthing

Chapter 5 – Insulation

Chapter 6 –  Factors Affecting the Insulation

Chapter 7 –  Tracing Faults in Starters

Chapter 8 -Power System Protections Alarms and Trips

Chapter 9 – Protection in the Electrical System

Chapter 10 – Power Management System

Chapter 11 – Question & Answer Session


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