Bridge Watchkeeping

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Watchkeeping during ocean passages requires all the activities related to performing a navigational watch. During ocean passages, the principal threat to a vessel is the risk of collision. It of utmost importance that an approaching vessel is detected early and avoiding action is taken in sufficient time. The emphasis therefore must be given to keeping an efficient lookout. Therefore, it is important to maintain lookout at all times. This course delivers unique tips on keeping a proper lookout and is a ‘must do’ course for all deck officers.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Bridge Watch Keeping
Chapter 2: Watch Keeping in Coastal Waters
Chapter 3: Watch Keeping in Narrow Channels
Chapter 4: Common Mistakes to Avoid in TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme)
Chapter 5: Watch Keeping in Heavy Traffic Areas
Chapter 6: Master- Pilot Information Exchange
Chapter 7: Watch Keeping in Anchorage Area
Chapter 8: Actions to Take in Restricted Visibility
Chapter 9: Watch Keeping in Heavy Weather
Chapter 10: Watch Keeping in Piracy Prone Areas
Chapter 11: Case Study on Bridge Watch Keeping
Chapter 12: Question and Answer Session


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