Oil Tanker Loading & Discharging

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The two most critical operations on board a ship are safe navigation and cargo work. Any compromises on these will lead to devastating consequences. Learning the skill of effective loading and discharging on tankers often takes years to learn and master. It is learned through experience and mentoring from senior tanker experts. Prior to both loading as well as discharging oil cargo in a tanker vessel requires utmost diligence in planning, and most careful consideration will need to be made for safe operations. At any point of time during cargo work, stresses need to be kept at acceptable limits. Also, incorrect cargo calculations have adverse effects on ship stability, leading to a ship being over or under-loaded / discharged. Improper cargo planning and stowage can lead to vessel capsizing. All these parameters make this course a valuable workshop for all tanker deck officers. This course deals in detail with all the planning and cargo calculations done on tankers for estimating cargo quantity to be loaded or discharged, sequence of a line of valves, starting and stopping of pumps, and other aspects of tanker work loading and discharging


Chapter 1: Grey Areas of Oil Tanker Procedures
Chapter 2: Understanding Basics of Cargo Calculation
Chapter 3: Cargo Calculation on Tankers
Chapter 4: The Cargo Plane
Chapter 5: Stresses
Chapter 6: Cargo Operations
Chapter 7: Handling Special Cargoes
Chapter 8: Cargo Papers and Documentation
Chapter 9: Sketches
Chapter 10: Question & Answer Session


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