Radar ARPA ECDIS Familiarization

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RADAR is a mandatory aid to navigation, the radar is used in identifying, tracking (with integrated ARPA), and positioning of vessels (including one’s own vessel) among other things. Radar/ARPA is an indispensable tool for the navigation, detection, acquisition, tracking, and display of other ships for the purpose of collision avoidance. With the use of the electronic chart system ECDIS, it has become easier for a ship’s navigating crew to pinpoint locations and attain directions. However, an understanding of the working of Radar and collision avoidance techniques will help a deck officer to take early and effective action to avoid the collision. This course is for entry-level deck officers


Chapter 1: Radar Operations and Controls
Chapter 2: Salient Features and Concepts of Radar
Chapter 3: Radar Plotting
Chapter 4: ARPA- a Brief Overview
Chapter 5: An Introduction to ECDIS
Chapter 6: Electronic Chart Data and Working of ECDIS
Chapter 7: Route Planning and Alarms on ECDIS
Chapter 8: Question and Answer Session


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